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Family Park

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hangsant 4 days, attend the various stage shows and experience local magic both at Place D'Youville and on Avenue Cartier and on other commercial streets participants. More than a dozen artists will offer you their unique creations. 
(See schedule for 
THE details)

In grand premiere
The magic to the rescue of the EcoZOO.
After seeing it in her dreams, young Cléa finds herself in an abandoned amphitheater, that of the EcoZOO. There, she meets various extraordinary animals that will guide her on the journey of magic and the environmental principles of reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery. This is to bring the EcoZOO back to life. Mystery, puppets, songs and illusions!

Spectacular event

During the 4 days of the Quebec Magic Festival at Place D'Youville, witness Dean Gunnarson's spectacular escape from the jaws of death. This event is a first in Quebec. 


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For 4 days, we offer more than 500 hours of entertainment. Whether it's magic workshops, Chinese shadows, special effects, etc. 

In addition, enjoy a unique moment in our magical lounge where you can eat and quench your thirst while enjoying the animation magiques

Schedule to come

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