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Grand show of 
international magician

A unique creation

Driven by a desire to reinvent the traditional formula of the magic gala, the FMQ wishes to embark on the creation of an original spectacular experience bringing together the greatest magicians of the moment within the framework of a production which will be presented in the fall at the Diamant de Québec for the 2023 edition of the Festival.


Our artistic vision is based on a unified and organic show whose dramatic thread would be freely inspired by the history of magic through the ages and the currents that have marked its evolution. 


In order to realize our ambitions, we will solicit other forms of art: live music, circus, video and ombromania, to mention that they will enter into dialogue with magic and illusion.


The performances that will make up the show will be characterized by an enhanced aesthetic, imbued with a vibrant theatricality. The whole will be guided by a resolutely daring staging, a strong and magnified dramaturgy.

Specially designed for the Quebec Magic Festival and proudly presented at Le Diamant, this great magic show will be an event not to be missed. With more than 10 artists from 6 countries, this show is an ode to our art.  

The artists are:

Philippe Beau; France
Tana Manga; Portugal
Dean Gunnarson; Canada
Alain Choquette; Canada
Janna; Germany
Nikolai Streibel; Germany

Others to be confirmed

Multi art

What could be more stimulating than witnessing a new creation that exploits Iare different art forms such as magic, circus, song, dance, comedy, video and theatre. All this in a rolling fire of interaction  where magic will be brought to life like never before. 

This show will be presented the 21, 22, 23 and 24th of September. 

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