During your visit, we encourage you to visit our beautiful city and take advantage of the many family activities available!


A magical summer in Quebec!


Festivals and events contribute to enhancing the tourist offer of Quebec and the Capitale-Nationale, to the delight of visitors looking for new experiences.


It is with pleasure that your government is associated with the success of the 11th  edition of the Quebec Magic Festival, an interesting showcase for magicians from here and abroad. Through this unique event, where wonder is at its height, they introduce the different types of magic to a curious and captivated public. This meeting also consolidates the position of Quebec City as a destination for major events, while highlighting the players in this industry.


We warmly invite you to participate in large numbers in the activities offered and to extend your stay in the region to explore its roads, admire its magnificent landscapes and enjoy its gastronomy. This is a pleasant way to enjoy the beautiful season with family and friends!


Have a great festival!


The Deputy Premier Minister of Public Security and Minister responsible for the Capitale-Nationale region,


Genevieve Guilbault


The Minister of Tourism and Minister responsible for the Lanaudière and Bas-Saint-Laurent regions,


Caroline Proulx

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For a fun summer full of surprises, what could be better than a bit of magic?


The 11th annual Québec Magic Festival celebrates this age-old craft at numerous venues across town.


The event is truly delivering on its promise to make Québec City a mandatory stop for master illusionists from around the world.


For the first time ever, Québec will welcome the World Championship of Magic, drawing the best magicians from near and far.


The stars are thus aligned for an unbelievable event.


If you’re looking for a festival like no other, come experience the magic of—and in—Québec City.



Bruno Marchand,

Mayor of Quebec City

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Robert Mercure,

Director of Destination Quebec city


Hello, dear magic lovers!
The time is almost here when Quebec City will be transformed into a place full of magic and enchantment! During your visit to the Quebec Magic Festival, you will discover a region whose charm and beauty are by no means an illusion. You will quickly notice that our destination distinguishes itself by its exceptional heritage, its European character, its culinary experiences as well as its festive and welcoming atmosphere.
Have a great event!


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Why Quebec, MAGIC city! ?

Our vision at the Quebec Magic Festival is to ensure that Quebec City is recognized as a must-see destination for world-class magic. It starts with bringing a unique magic event to the citizens of our city and making it their own. The 11th Quebec City Magic Festival - Quebec, MAGIC city! is our way of naming it in order to better communicate to the families of Quebec that these 7 days of magic and surprises that we offer them is unique in the world and that it happens in their city. We hope they are proud of it and put it on their calendar for each new edition to come. To do this, we have relied on several collaborations with commercial streets (SDC) and with an outdoor park at Expo Cité, not to mention surprising activities with the Grand Marché de Québec in order to showcase our Quebec products. In this way we will be able to reach a very large number of citizens, families of all social classes. They will be able to live with us this exceptional year which will become a springboard for the next to come because it will allow us to set up several of our creations and magic animations. This will be the first stones of a theme park on magic that will set us apart from all other spaces for the family in the context of major events, starting in 2023. As a bonus, we will offer them the possibility of living with us, and to mark the history of magic, by being present at the 2022 FISM World Magic Championship which will take place in parallel bringing the best magicians in the world here to Quebec. Let the magic happen!

Previous editions

Here are images and videos from previous editions of the Quebec Magic Festival.

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