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September 30 to October 3, 2021

2021 North American FISM Magic Championship and CAMaraderie 2021

A double convention


Juliana Chen

Juliana Chen was born in Hunan, China and graduated from the Academy of Arts in China. After training be a ballerina, she transferred to the Guangzhou Acrobatic Troupe. In 1982 , she decided to become a magician, Since then she has won many awards, including Best Magician of China(1985), First Prize I.B.M.(1992),Grand Prix at Spain's XXI Congreso Nacional De Magic (1996), and Germany's Magic Hands(1996). In 1997 she become the first woman and first magician of Chinese heritage to win a world Championship in the 50-year history of FISM.Since this she has performed all over the world, and her magic continues to inspire young magician everywhere. 

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Billy Kidd

Billy Kidd is a normal ordinary magician. She loves card tricks and all types of magic except for rope, ring or parasol act. Billy loves to practice magic on the floor, in her bed, in the kitchen,  and weekly at her own  Krowd Keepers Magic Theatre in Bath, England. She practices magic so much that she ended up hosting the series Breaking Magic on Discovery Channel, or plays a Wizard on Wizard Wars (SYFY)  where she earned the only standing ovation from Penn & Teller.  She has also conned herself into  TV shows in the UK for ITV, BBC,  and Ch 5. In Canada she cheated her way into the  CBC’s doc. Science of Magic and Bells Fibe Next Stage TV series. Her scams have allowed her to perform on adverts for O2, Samsung and Vietjet Air. Billy Kidd usually sneaks her show into theatres across USA, Europe, Scandinavia, UK, Australia, South East Asia and occasionally for Disney Cruise Lines. 


Luc Langevin

From a very early age, curiosity and a desire to understand have pushed Luc Langevin to dive into the world of magic and illusion. In parallel, Luc has nurtured a great passion for science, especially physics. When Luc was just finishing a master’s degree in optics and was starting a PhD in biophotonics at Laval University in Quebec City, the Téléfiction production company, based in Montreal, discovered the young illusionist's potential during a casting call and offered him his first TV series. That's how in May 2009, "Comme par magie" was broadcast for the first time on ARTV, allowing Luc to merge his talent for illusions with his scientific background. Luc presented over 400 illusions to strangers on the street or in public places. His career was launched! Today, Luc Langevin has become the new benchmark for illusionists, standing out through his charm, his natural talent as a communicator, his creativity and the precision of his magic. Few illusionists throughout the world have achieved this level of credibility and notoriety in such a short time. 

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Ondrej Psenicka

Magician and actor Ondřej Pšenička is an award winning performer with more than two decades of experience. After winning the junior czech magic championships two years in a row, Ondrej went on to win a number of international competitions under the mentorship of Czech-Swedish magician Eve'n Alan. When he left business school in 2005 to pursue his love of magic full time, he felt theatre school was an absolute necessity. Soon his affinity for performance took him all the way to Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in Los Angeles His passion for creating remarkable magic lead him to study at the Academy of Magical Arts in Hollywood. He's a regular performer of its clubhouse The Magic Castle. Ondrej is one of the three World-Renowned magicians who fooled Penn & Teller on their hit TV show Fool Us three times.


Now, after years of acting, winning championships, performing live and on national television, and pouring over books in the magic library, he is using his talents to astonish audiences all over the world.



Spidey was named US College Mentalist of the Year and has performed on NBC’s TODAY Show, TMZ, Rachael Ray and many more! He’s also a favourite with major celebrities, having performed for Jennifer Lopez, Steve Harvey, Neil Patrick Harris and more.


He joined the cast of CW’s Masters of Illusion and his NETFLIX Original Series: Brainchild is being watched in 170 countries! Spidey’s countless national/international TV appearances also include FOX’s Showtime at the Apollo with Steve Harvey, Discovery Channel and Entertainment Tonight.


His unique brand of original mentalism and his dynamic stage personality have captivated the minds of people around the world with his international TV shows, 40+ million online viewers and tours across North America. 

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Aaron Crow

Aaron’s artistry and uniquely dazzling routines are praised by producers and agents around the world for generating attention and delighting audiences in a way that few artists can emulate.


Aaron Crow was featured 6 weeks on Broadway, on London West-End and the iconic Sydney opera house. He is a TV sensation, who even trended worldwide on Twitter during his performance on “Britain’s Got Talent”. His TV-clips have millions of views on YouTube.


For his achievements, Aaron Crow received numerous highly coveted awards, such as “The International Brand Personality Award”, previously given to people such as Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela. 


Aaron Crow has the passion to bring wonder to people's lives, sharing a message of achieving impossibilities and overcoming doubts or fears in everyday life.


Carisa Hendrix

Magician and Variety Artist, Carisa Hendrix is an 10-time Award-Winning Entertainer featured in the
Guinness Book of World Records (2014), Ripley’s Believe it or Not (2015) and the Super Channel documentary Carisa Hendrix: Girl on Fire. Hendrix is a recipient of the prestigious Allan Slaight Award and was recently named Stage Magician of the Year at the world-famous Magic Castle.

Hendrix is the May 2020 covergirl of the prominent magic magazine Genii and has also graced the covers of Vanish Magazine and Penguin Monthly. After her recent appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool Us and her sold out three-month run at the Chicago Magic Lounge, it is hard to deny her status as one of magic’s most exciting rising stars.


Shawn Farquhar

Shawn has appeared on TV shows including ELLEN in the US, Stephen & Chris in Canada, Asian Ace in Japan and even cheated on Penn & Teller twice on their hit show Fool Us. He has appeared in more from forty countries over the past five years and has been viewed over six million times for a single video on YouTube. He is the only person to have won the two categories in the history of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, and has won the highest distinction in magic, the Grand Prix Champion of the FISM WCM, the Olympic Games of the Magic in Beijing, China. He played for the Queen of England and the Hell’s Angels, but not at the same time.


Jared Kopf

Jared Kopf performs magic and interprets symbols all over the world. Sometimes, he and a company of wizards create practical effects for plays, films, and television shows such as “The Eye Ball,” “Red Thread,” A Ghost Story, Light from Light, and National Geographic’s Breakthrough. Other times, he pretends to be someone else on a stage or in a movie. Once, in Changchun, he found the philosopher’s stone and turned lead into gold. Occasionally, he reads the tarot outside a café on Greenville Avenue, just down the street from his home in Dallas, Texas where he lives with the sorceress Elayna Mitchell and their son Martin, who draws people’s dreams in a notebook.


The Outerbridge

Ted Outerbridge has been hailed by critics as “the most successful professional magician in Canada” and “a champion of magic.” Performing professionally since 1982, Ted Outerbridge has been featured in theatres from coast to coast and on both sides of the Atlantic, where he set box office records with his tours Illusions, Magician Extraordinaire, Magical Moments in Time, and The Time Capsule Tour.

Marion Outerbridge joined the Ted Outerbridge Magician Extraordinaire show as a dancer and lead assistant in 1999. Marion quickly became an integral part of the show, and became Ted’s partner, on and off the stage. In 2006, Marion and Ted celebrated the ultimate magical moment in time when they were married in Düsseldorf, Germany. The chemistry between Marion and Ted onstage is phenomenal, and it’s clear that they are having the time of their lives.