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Deadline for registration for competitions: August 13th, 2021



The holding of these 3 major competitions will be the largest magic competition ever organized in Canada.


- The North American FISM 2021 Magic Championship, for the magicians of Canada and the United States

- The Canadian CAM 2021 Magic Championship for Canadian Magicians

- The International Junior Magic Contest "Michel Cailloux", for magicians from all over the world, aged 18 and under.




This magic triple championship will take place in Quebec City from Thursday September 30th to October 3rd, 2021.


Number of competitors accepted


The number of competitors will be limited to a maximum of 50 magicians divided into 2 categories:

- 25 for the stage magic component

- 25 for the close up section


The information below should be read carefully and understood by those who wish to participate in the competition. You will have to confirm this  with a "yes" when registering as a competitor.


Registration for the competition (s)


In order to be eligible for one or more of the pre-selections, magicians must register for the FISM NACM / CAM 2021 Magic Convention and as a competitor. A category is created for this purpose.


Note that the cost of registration as a competitor is not refundable but that of the convention would be if a magician was not selected by the committee of judges who will make the pre-selection.


It is strongly recommended that you register as early as possible in order to secure the best seat in the theater.


Registrations must be completed no later than August 13th, 2021 , at 10:00 p.m. EST, to be considered. NO EXCEPTION WILL BE MADE.


Selection of competitors to participate in the various Championships in 2021


The candidates will be selected by a panel of qualified judges, before the convention, on the basis of a video submitted.


You must therefore submit a recent video 9 (less than on year) of your act, no later than August 13th, 2021, at 10:00 p.m. EST. Please send it to Ms. Joan Caesar: and / or enter it on the form when you register. The video must be transmitted via a YouTube or Vimeo link only.


The act submitted by video must be the same as the one with which you will compete in October 2021.


Submitted video links must remain active until November 2021. They may be unlisted and will not be made public. They cannot be private or password protected. Unlisted YouTube video is preferred.


Your video will only be viewed by a selection of judges and the results will be communicated to everyone by email . They will also be added to the website as soon as the selection is completed.


Competitions :


The six (6) competitors having obtained the best overall scores, in stage magic and in close up, will compete for the prizes of the 2021 Canadian Magic Championship and the 2021 FISM North American Magic Championship.


Qualification for participation in the FISM World Magic Championship, 2022, in Quebec.


A maximum of 15 Canadian or North American magicians will be able to represent North America in 2022.


A qualification score of 70 points or more is required at the 2021 FISM North American Championship to be chosen.


In order to obtain a place on the North American magic team, competitors must be a member of one of the five North American organizations recognized by the FISM:


- AMA represented by Max Maven

- CAM represented by Joan Caesar

- Quebec Magic Club represented by Rene-Claude Auclair

- IBM represented by Shawn Farquhar

- SAM represented by Dal Sanders


The selected magicians must have a Canadian or American passport or a permanent residence card from one of these two countries AND be sponsored by the FISM representative of one of the 5 associations named above.


If there were more than 15 qualified North American competitors, the 15 with the highest scores would be chosen.


If there were fewer than 15 candidates with a score of 70 or higher, the remaining places would be returned to FISM for later allocation by them to competitors from outside North America.


Titles for the winners of the 2021 FISM North American Magic Championship


The North American magicians who obtain the highest scores, with a minimum of 70 points, in stage magic and in close up will be named:

- North American champion FISM 2021 - stage magic

- North American champion FISM 2021 - close up


Prizes offered to champions:

First place in stage magic: Trophy and free registration to FISM 2022 (except registration fee for the competition)

First place in close up: Trophy and free registration to FISM 2022 (except registration fee for the competition)


Titles for Canadian Championship 2021


- Canadian Champion 2021 - stage magic

- Canadian Champion 2021 - close up


Prizes offered to champions:

Stage magic: Trophy and $ 500.00

Close up: Trophy and $ 500.00


Titles for Le Concours International de magie Junior  "Michel Cailloux"


- Champion  Concours International de magie Junior "Michel Cailloux" 2021 - stage magic

- Champion  Concours International de magie Junior "Michel Cailloux" 2021 - close up


Prizes offered to champions:

Stage magic: Trophy and $ 250.00

Close up: Trophy and $ 250.00


Public Award


The final phase of the competitions, the public vote, will determine the Public Choice Awards for stage magic and for the close up, as part of a winners' gala. The number of participants will depend on the results of the prior competitions. A minimum of 70 points will be required to access it.


Please bring a color photo of yourself, in 8x10 format, to display on the Public Prize ballot box, in case you are selected.



Public Award Recipient - Stage Magic: $ 500  cash prize

Public Award Recipient - Close up: $ 500 cash prize


Important rules and restrictions on nationality


All participants must be registered for the 2021 conventions in order to participate in the competition.


Registration for the competition (s) is $ 50 US in addition to registration for the convention and must be paid upon registration for the competition. This amount is non-refundable but it is possible to obtain a refund for registration to the convention if you are not selected.


To be eligible for the 2021 Canadian Magic Championship, you must:

- be a member of CAM

- be of Canadian nationality


To participate in the 2021 FISM North American Magic Championship, you must:

- be a member of a North American FISM organization at the time of your registration.

  (AMA, CAM, CMQ, IBM or SAM).

- be of Canadian or American nationality


To participate in Le Concours International de magie Junior "Michel Cailloux" 2021 you must:

- be under the age of 18


Installation and dismantling time during the competition


- 2 minutes of installation

- 2 minutes for disassembly.

There will be qualified people on site to assist applicants.


Use of fire and / or confetti


We invite you to read the appendix on regulations on the use of fire and confetti.


Use of a floor sheet


If you plan to drop something on the floor (for example, cards), you can ONLY do so if you provide your own floor sheet. (This is a cloth that covers the surface of the floor and onto which the material would fall.) If you do not bring a cloth and you intend to drop anything on the floor, you will either not participate or you will be disqualified. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Compliance with FISM rules


A competitor must present a complete act (not only a trick) of a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. Remember to take the audience's reaction into account when timing your act.


A competitor who presents an act which is a copy of the act of another person, whether it is an important part or not will not be allowed to compete or be disqualified.


The timing of an act begins when the competitor enters the scene or when the music for the act begins, whichever comes first. The clock stops when the magic stops, the music stops, or the magician stops speaking, whichever is the latest.


The competitor's engagement includes the right to perform the act in question and includes all of the competitor's incidental rights and licenses, whether musical or otherwise, from all legally required third parties, if any.


There will be two lights, one yellow and one red. After 9 minutes, the yellow light will appear. At the 10th minute, the red light will appear, showing the candidate that he has exceeded his time and that he is therefore disqualified.


The judges will mark each act according to the following criteria:


Technical skills / manipulation

Presence on stage/ presentation

Ability to entertain

Artistic impression / routine


Magic atmosphere

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