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Grand International
Magic Show

A unique creation

Specially conceived for the Festival de magie de Québec and proudly presented at Le Diamant, this grand magic show will be an event not to be missed. Featuring over 10 artists from 5 countries, some of whom are FISM (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés Magiques) world champions, this show is an ode to the art of magic.  


For its 12th edition, the Festival de magie de Québec team has concocted a show that's completely unique and different from traditional magic galas. What could be more stimulating than to witness a new creation that exploits different art forms such as magic, circus and video? It's all part of an interactive extravaganza that puts magic in the spotlight like never before. 


It's worth mentioning that the show starts outside the theater. 



The artists are :


Philippe Beau; France

Alain Choquette; Canada

Yann Frisch, World champion FISM 2012

Hector Mancha, World champion FISM 2015

TaNa Manga; Portugal

Dean Gunnarson; Canada

Jaana; Germany, European Champion 2022

Nikolai Striebel; Germany, European Champion 2022

Antoine Terrieux et Julien Mandier from Blizzard Concept, France

Xavier Mortimer, France

Multi art

What could be more thrilling than attending a new creation that combines various art forms such as magic, circus, singing, dancing, comedy, video, and theater? All of this in an immersive experience where magic takes center stage like never before.

This spectacle will be presented on September 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th.

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